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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Factory vent

Small Things on Sundays return with another frisky, frothy set of salsa/cumbia workouts...

Or not. More's dark somnolence & wintry sweeps may not soundtrack your sun-singed BBQ. But transporting tracks like the appropriately vast Cavernous (the album's highlight, to these ears), the industrial throb & collapse of Powerstation (stream both below) & the thrumming, dank closer From a Distance resume the rich challenge of the earlier 4am (full stream).

Blurb: "Small Things on Sundays continue to explore sounds between dark ambient and drone. This time the duo digs deeper into the darkness with more industrial and powerful sounds.

”More” is a journey into apparently desolate sites or constructions devoid of human activity. The music is a sonic interpretation of these places. It could be the vibrations of machines in empty buildings or the distant waves crashing in on the shoreline. It could be the wind audible in an old factory vent or the hissing sound underneath the car-tires on a rainy motorway, its still hard to tell which is the original source.

If you should draw a parallel to film-making, Tarkovsky would be obvious as an inspiration. The desolate passages and slow panning by the camera in long sequences with no obvious story seems comparable to what we try to achieve.

On 'More' ........ distorted, re-sampled and mutated, again and again, until a new expression is obtained."

Previous coverage. SoundCloud. Transformation / Decay - 3-track freebie (including the beautifully paced, somewhat Aidan Baker-ish Sara Said, re-upped below) via Menthe de Chat...

cavernous by small things on sundays

powerstation by small things on sundays

Small Things on Sundays > Sara Said (re-up; from
Transformation / Decay, Menthe de Chat)

SToS's Henrik Bagner also operates as
On The Wrong Planet. First Visit - again on Striate Cortex - seems like an austerer pleasure, though the stand-out You Can't Make Me Forget chucks an engaging riffiness & even the hint of a string passage into its eddying vortex.

you cant make me forget by on the wrong planet


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