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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Skimmed foam

In truth, & hardly for the first time, pretty well everything that needs to be said about
Pale Sketcher's Plans That Fade was said by disquiet months ago. But impervious as these ears are to Napalm Death, Godflesh or Jesu (even the Jesu 'misfits' of the original Pale Sketches), the Demixed project on Ghostly - brilliantly described by Marc as "like someone stirred up a Jesu shake, and just skimmed the foam off it — or took an X-ray of Godflesh, and used it as a musical score" - quite appeals.

& the wispy, shivering Plans That Fade, originally on the Horizon Line/Ghostly by Night compilation, is an evident high point (marks deducted for an occasional cod-reggae clunk, though)...

Hard to dispute this wry, pointed little observation (from Ghostly): "Interestingly, as Broadrick has moved from more traditional signifiers of heaviness (aggression, guitars, volume) towards their opposites (melancholy, computers, texture) his music has only gotten deeper and more affecting. In that way, Pale Sketcher may be Broadrick’s heaviest work to date."

Note to self: must hear those remixes too...

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