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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Saucy gander

20 of the more intense minutes you'll spend today: Orphax (Sietse of the fine Moving Furniture label) gets his drone on. A supporting cast of animate & inanimate objects - eponymous geese seemingly to their field-recorded fore, though the sometimes puzzling gap between the sounds heard & the 'instruments' listed below might make you wonder - lend honking, squawking support.

"Turn Loose The Goose is an 3" cdr based on a live recordings from a live set done at December 6th in Tilburg, The Netherlands. These have been overdubbed with field recordings from Amsterdam, Goirle, The Netherlands and Kisbajom, Hungary. For this release no sound was generated with the computer, only processed. Instruments I used are a bowed thumb piano, a bowed plastic cup, an electric razor, an electric toothbrush and my voice. The result is one massive psychedelic mind trip."

Then, by the wonders of Bandcamp, hear two major MF releases below - the new Small Things on Sundays, 4AM, & the slightly less new (but still awesome) Broadcasting on Ghost Frequencies by Erstlaub.

Extra SToS goodies (from this treasure trove) below too:
the powerfully tranquil Dawn & Sara Said & the rumbling ramble Below the Surface, plus an ambient mix of the really fine, spaciously loping Radiation (original on the recommended web EP)...

"4AM, the first full-length release from the danish duo Small Thing on Sundays, came from a string of sessions using vinyl records at very slow speeds and detuned guitars played with a violin bow. This produced a string of organic, multilayered dark ambient tracks. The title refers to the blurred line between night and day. Did you suddenly wake up or are you still in a dream? Perhaps the sounds will take you to a place of daydreaming. A movie soundtrack for your own inner film.

Another reference to the title is, that this is the hour of the day, where human activities are at a minimum. Surroundings are cast in darkness, but where will be a residue from human-made sources or the faint light from nature. And if you look up you will see a starlit sky or the white smoke from the nearby power plant. So perhaps we are romantic realists?"

mapsadaisical review here: my standard reference in these matters, though in truth (& for once) I found SMoS a bit less terrifying than he describes - though can only endorse the conclusion that "4AM is something you have to experience at least once": do so below or go crazy & direct your EUR6 MF's way...

Erst: "Inspired by the Ganzfeld Procedure where the participant is deprived of visual stimulus and bombarded with white/pink noise drawing the mind to form patterns in the chaos often hearing voices from the past or inventing entirely new constructs within their consciousness, this release pays tribute to the parapsychological mind and its many wonders."

Finally, here's Orphax collaborating with the mighty Village Orchestra:
"During my vacation in Scotland in August, 2007 I did some live collaboration with my friend Ruaridh Law better known as The Village Orchestra / TVO. He finally got around doing some mastering tricks to the piece and made it available for download. In the piece the first 20 something minutes are my solo noodles, while after he jumps in and we play yet another 40 something minutes of drones and noises. Total duration is 1 hour and 7 minutes."

Turn Loose The Goose by Orphax

<a href="http://movingfurniturerecords.bandcamp.com/album/small-things-on-sundays-4-am">Below The Surface by Moving Furniture Records</a>

Small Things on Sundays > Radiation [ambient mix] (self-released) > Dawn / Below the Surface / Sara Said (from Web EP, self-released)

<a href="http://movingfurniturerecords.bandcamp.com/album/erstlaub-broadcasting-on-ghost-frequencies">Broadcasting On Ghost Frequencies by Moving Furniture Records</a>

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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