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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Lupine flourish

A year on from her dreadfully premature death, listening again to Dani Baquet-Long's Chubby Wolf - not for anniversary reasons but because there is still so much to hear in
Celer & her solo spin-off (as well, of course, as so much of it to hear...).

Try her notably effortless, seemingly limitless
Ornitheology cassette on Digitalis (extracts below). Ironically, the physical tape is extremely limited (125 copies...).

She also released the solo albums L'histoire (Gears of Sand) & Meandering Pupa (digital self-release): Discogs.

Classic Digitalis write-up: "...
the time finally felt right to let this sprawling mass of phosphorescent beauty spread its delicate wings. listening to long's solo works it becomes obvious how potent her contributions to celer really were. this is subtle, devastating music. crisp drones that flourish like moonflowers at midnight, sending off sensous queues to your synapses and taking you places far into the sky. we are all lucky that there is still an exquisite mountain of chubby wolf offerings waiting for their day in the sun. "ornitheology" is only the beginning."

Celer past coverage (also here).

Chubby Wolf >
on burnt, gauzed wings [extract] / phantasmagoria of nothingness (prey to our emotions) [extract] (both from Ornitheology, Digitalis)

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