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Friday, 4 June 2010

Shimmering frame

Among the first artists featured back in our 2007 dawn (here, in fact), Mark Templeton's densely dreamy fragilities have become increasingly core, non-negotiable listening for LMYE - one of our 20 artists of 2009 & a lynchpin (alongside two more wonders, Ezekiel Honig & Klimek) of Anticipate, one of our five top labels of last year.

All of his releases - including the delicate, classic Standing on a Hummingbird, the fuzzy Inland & its Sea Point cousin, & the warmly glowing Acre Loss - are essential. Thanks to his notable willingness to share music (via this media page & this SoundCloud), hear or download tracks from each below.

His audio-visual collaborations with aA. Munson build a shimmering frame around his almost wry experimentalism, meanwhile (video orgy below...).

An unusually dark drone -
Safely Into March ("commissioned piece for Postcards From Gowanus exhibit and radio narrowcast, New York City, March 2010") - surfaced recently. Grab this darkly brooding, subtly spacious giveaway without hesitation!

Mark Templeton > Safely Into March (self-released) > Hummingbird launch live set (Play My Tape) > Lisbon (from Summer Tour Remix Volume 1, Anticipate) > Rest Near Grey (from Tracks in the Snow, Serein) > Further To Speak (from OIO, Serein) > As the Day Grows Longer (from Holden Into Ryley, Anticipate) > Please Take Me /
Sleep In Front Of (from Inland, Anticipate) > fade from the outset / lai wah (from fields awake, v + h) > Roots Growing / Tentative Growth (from Standing on a Hummingbird, Anticipate) > continue later / drama section (from Frail As Breath, robotopera) > it's ok to fall (from Acre Loss, Anticipate)

MT also features in both this great Anticipate mix & this one.

Safely Into March

Tentative Growth from aAron munson

Mark Templeton > Zoobizarre live set

Mark Templeton > live session

Mark Templeton > Avonmore live set

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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