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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Nuanced accretion

No time, as ever, but less appetite to let outstanding new drones from a Danish duo (two Danes operating separately, that is, not as a pair - though that'd be a fine idea too: the Valby Universal Choir, perhaps?) go unacknowledged. p joergensen & Jannick Schou each summon slabs of nuanced, accreting intensity across a range of gently metallic timbres - Schou also with Clem Leek in tandem on one piece...

pj's tasters include a predictably tender, shimmering treatment by Will Long - recent
Celer post here.

pj mix. Past coverage (also here); past JS coverage (& even more, & more).

p jørgensen > July-julee remix (excerpt) - remix by pawn

p jørgensen > Degenerated crests (excerpt) - remix by will thomas long by

p jørgensen > Modstand

Jannick Schou > Part 2 (Session 1)

Jannick Schou > Pimlico (w/ Clem Leek)

Jannick Schou - Part 3 (Session 1)

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