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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Kernel of truth

After his fine
Anaxagoras on the tasty (though lapsed) Music for Our Future giveaway compilation, the frequent excellence of Peter Kirn's other stuff is hardly a surprise. But its range - from warmly enveloping ambientronica punctured by glassy shards to pinging, intricate percussive workouts & squelchy glitch, & from all of this to briefly lush piano vamping gradually overgrown by inventive, stringy tendrils - is still striking, & its depth & invention (particularly on a couple of live performances shared via SoundCloud - primarily the longer [though still edited] Montreal one, but also the extract from Hell's Kitchen) quite notable...


Previous coverage.

2019 extract (from live PA at The Tank)

Fairytale fashion mix (with Sarah Grant)
"Sounds are mixed and arranged by me, produced from sample playback Sarah triggers by manipulating an all-felt interface, working with sounds from Shikhiu Ing."

Fairytale fashion mix (with Ganucheau)

Train69 liveset
"Live PA Ableton music set, May 2009. As played in Montreal at St. Catherine Theater, and edited on Amtrak (hence the name).

Samples here include New York Consort of Viols playing my music, Laurence Pangaro briefly on the rebec, some playing of my own, a drum set made of Vidvox's David Lublin making stew last summer (and other programming done as part of the wonderful mind meld at Duncan Laurie's studio in RI), various custom Reaktor things, some Synplant oddness."

Photos by p_kirn

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