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Monday, 20 April 2009

Moody noise noodle

After the LMYE-friendly Helvetica (see here), Gary Hustwit's no doubt equally smart but over-long new Objectified documentary also offers soundtrack comforts - from a host of credible & incredible participants (full list below). But its plundering of James Rutledge's ravishing, shimmeringly warped The Great Ecstacy Of (Loaf cassette (!) & download, out this week) is a special blessing. 

&, exclusively (not sure that anyone else would bother, but anyway - it gives a fuller, richer sense of this fine, shuddering album...), all four together > Ecstatic Extractions

"The sound of a young man lost in a sea of moody noise noodle, in over his head and almost drowning in a dense musical trope." Thanks, Loaf - "moody noise noodle" is unarguable, spot on... 

& why's it on a tape? "because it sounds SO lush compared to mp3s or compact discs. Just buy yourself an old tape deck or Walkman, pop on some headphones and be cast adrift on analogue bliss."

LMYE has yet to road-test this startling claim (can see the case for the vinyl revival, of course, but tapes?! That takes a leap of faith). Still, having grown up in the analogue era - our two halves were making each other mix cassettes as far back as the, ahem, mid-80s - we've at least still got the equipment around if Loaf want to sort us out.  

Objectified OST contributors: 

Alva Noto
El Ten Eleven
Expanding Head Band
Matthew Dear
Midwest Product
James Rutledge
Telefon Tel Aviv

Acclaimed for his single-copy, charity-auctioned 4-hour Radiohead remix on VHS, Rutledge is also the frisky Four Tet-remixed Pedro. Bonus tracks: I Am Keeping Up (from You, Me & Everyone, Mush)/Fear & Resilience (from Pedro, Mush)

Earlier Mush coverage on LMYE here.  

Finally, Rutledge's new "group-based project", Vowels, has an album out on Loaf in September. 

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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