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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Seven songs

Olafur Arnalds completed his ground-breaking week of Twittered neo-classical vamps & micro-chamber mood pieces - all created & released free online within 24 hours (though some reworked older ideas...) - this morning. Previously featured here.  

"Now i'm going to go out of my apartment and meet some people for the first time in a week! what an amazing week this was though.."

Here's all seven lovely & often moving (particularly those with strings, for these ears anyway) Found Songs, separately & together in an LMYE, er, mega-mix...

Day 7 > Ljosid

"Need some positive stuff at the end of this.."

Day 6 > Faun

"This song is made from the oldest idea in the series, started writing it over a year ago.. we even played some version of it live once....but i was never happy with it - so i put it on the shelf. Found it again this week and finished it last night!"

Day 5 > Lost Song

"my personal favorite so far. trying to finish up this song in time... need to make the ambience sound warmer, but still have that muddy distortion.. something like 'everything became silent'"

Day 3 > Romance

"reminds me of 19th century opera..."

Day 2 > Raein

"Having real problems here rendering this song.. using way too many heavy plugins.."

Day 1 > Elsa's Waltz

"if you are wondering who Erla is, she is an old friend who jokingly asked me to write her a song..bet she didn't think i'd actually do it :)"

> Seven Found Songs (in chronological order)/lo-res version 

Found Songs-inspired images by HibouCaillou (top), LitlaStulkan (middle) & inmost_light (bottom). Many more here

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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