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Monday, 24 March 2008

Neue Haas Grotesk

Recently got round to seeing Helvetica at long, long last. One of this inspired documentary's many delights is a tasty soundtrack that includes LMYE favourites Four Tet (new 4-track EP Ringer coming next month...), as well as sometime enthusiasms Battles, Caribou & The Album Leaf, & no doubt shamefully late in the day discoveries [several of them from the Thrill Jockey stable] El Ten Eleven, Motohiro Nakashima, Sam Prekop, Kim Hiorthøy & Chicago Underground Orchestra.

Here's a selection of highlights:

Four Tet > And Then Patterns (from Everything Ecstatic)
Battles> IPT-2 (from EP C)
Caribou > Pelican Narrows (from The Milk of Human Kindness)
The Album Leaf > Always For You (from Into the Blue Again; tragically, for a completist anorak, I don't have Shine (from the same album) - the track featured in Helvetica...)

& here's a track from El Ten Eleven, who supply the bulk of the film's music. If you like it, consider making a contribution via their 'PayPal-What-You-Can' facility (pick this or any of the three other tracks here & follow the link...).

El Ten Eleven > Lorge [zShare] (from Every Direction is North)


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tessathehunt said...

i saw that movie and got my tattoo in helvetica

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