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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Kind of blue

Welcome new techno from Detroit classicist Cyan 341 (previously covered on LMYE here): the  dense, driving Dark Matter - from the Dark Matter EP on Rednetic

Soundcloud preview: 

Register at Rednetic for a free download of arguably the best Cyan track yet, the delicate, haunting Whitenoise Archive (preview here) - though this LMYE-hacked extract, Heidelberg Heat, from a remarkable live performance in Germany last year runs it close & shows a looser, wilder Cyan that it'd be great to hear more of...

At the other end of his spectrum is the very spare, precise Numbers EP on the netlabel Kreislauf: get it here; from it, the ultra-dry, lean 7

Hear it & Cyan's excellent Uncharted Audio output here

Cyan is also Zainetica: his richly squelchy, measured Nestor House Dub (from Crazy Compilation 2). 

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists have chosen to share freely with their audience.

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