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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Humanitarian postage

Last night's Posthuman reference & link seem to call for more. So:

The brooding, almost Bond theme-worthy original Asha Grew Wings (from Hilda Family EP).

Hear LMYE's preferred Village Orchestra remix here (& in a mix here); grab Octavcat's remix here.

Also from Hilda, the mounting, composed epic Pinneal.

The 'blue' version of Posthuman's first album is free here. From it, the break-beat sketch Ceolocanth (seemingly unrelated to Shriekback's lovely pop-ambient Coelocanth)...

Posthuman are also On / Off ("a side project for releasing our more experimental, ambient material") - One Day: Machines (ambient mix)

Get the original here & hear the Digitonal remix that formed part of Uncharted Audio's often excellent Signals series (which also includes the quite satisfyingly unhinged Posthuman/Digitonal spin-off AGT Rave Cru: listen) here.

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists have chosen to share freely with their audience.

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