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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Princely charm

Two LMYE exclusives revisited: first, an inspired reimagining of one of the better tracks on 
In Rainbows - Australia's Prince Charming (plus a sample cast that includes Martin Luther King, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon &, less obviously, Whittaker Chambers) wrings yearning, menace & uplift out ofVideotape with his poignant Videotrip (Tragedy of History).

NB: current version at Charming's MySpace sounds updated...

Hear a sanctioned Nude remix here & others here (NB: LMYE's 'nothing unsanctioned under 1 year' policy waived for Videotrip in view of IR's original distribution...).

A second Charming remix again reimagines UK indie angst-rock into something more spacious, fractured & moving via a perhaps predictable, but still incredibly resonant, public voiceCompliments (Prince Charming's Admiration).

Photo by Nils Tober.

1 comment:

Nick said...

Exquisite mixes. Thanks!

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