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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Can I tell a short story, again?

Updated repost: Eno versus Aphex Twin - an ambient dream-team pairing brought together in a masterful mash-up (sometimes called Rhubarb & Villages): Eno considers the sociology & human engineering of the Hutterites over an exquisite Aphex vamp with exactly the right reflective, melancholy, ultimately uplifting tone...

Found originally via Art Decade. Image above by 100dbs.

"Randomness, generative situations...you let the thing grow: there's a lot to learn from artists." In classic Eno style, the domed one riffs on from the drama of building & populating a daughter colony into Rawlsian notions of civil society into the use of generative tools & frameworks; allegedly, a longer version is out there somewhere.

Haven't tracked that down yet, but here's a Long Now-sponsored conversation with Will Wright (summary & all Long Now seminars, including Eno on his own back in 2003 - the final one in the list).

Love the description of Eno as a landed Victorian gentleman boffin (by Jim Rossignol, who also links to this 2002 interview).


Anonymous said...

That installment of SAW and Apollo are probably my two favorite ambient anything ever. Thanks so much for sharing this.

daniel said...

A mashup of Eno and Aphex Twin! How could we possibly go wrong?

...Well, we could try to take an Aphex Twin masterpiece that relies as much on silence as on sound for its impact, then try mixing in an Eno spoken word sample with a lot of background noise, bring it in relatively loud in the mix, and go ahead and chop it up into small bits so that every couple of words is preceded by a couple of seconds of background noise.

I appreciate you sharing, but the quality control on this one isn't really where it could be. Sorry to harsh on you, you know - nothing personal.

If you appreciate Eno's spoken word samples mixed in with ambient lushness, I highly recommend the Blu Mar Ten "Face Of The Earth" Podcast they released a while back:


JacL said...

thebigo & daniel, thanks both for your comments - & for daniel's recommendation: will certainly check out the BMT mix. We'll have to agree to differ on the mash-up!

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