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Monday, 9 June 2008

Right on for the darkness

Get over to Skull Disco pronto for a giveway mix. It's a dark, clanking hour in DST's company - one that really encapsulates this huge, echoey sound.

Would have liked to link this up with one of the awesome Shackleton & Peverelist remixes of Pole. But LMYE's lonely but sincere 'policy' on not posting music unless the artist has made it freely available won't allow that...

For now, here's the original
Winkelstreben (from Steingarten). Before the Peverselist treatment, it was a fine piece of 21st century Krautrock.

Also, check out an earlier Pole collision with a dubby edge: the shimmering
Balalaika Dub with Manuela Krause (from Mein Freund Der Baum on Monika Enterprise, home of a number of LMYE's German electronica favourites; also on this quite tasty compilation, which also includes Burial Mix lynchpin Tikiman/Paul St Hilaire & Cabaret Voltaireist Richard H. Kirk's Sandoz...).

Back to SD, live video:

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