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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Brass necks

The Necks' swirling, incantatory brilliance is getting to me. Some great tracks from a soundtrack of theirs (to this film) led me to a brooding hour broadcast here (be quick - it's only there for seven days...).

The obvious comparison is with the still-lamented Triosk, another Australian piano trio that reached far beyond jazz... But this lot work in a narrower, longer-range way, building massive, rolling peaks over vast slabs of time.

I'd love them to match Triosk by doing something with Jan Jelinek, though - they should team up with his live krautrock band (with Hanno Leichtmann & the fine Andrew Pekler, who is overdue at LMYE but coming soon...). Hear the 'Kosmischer Pitch' trio on this extraordinary performance [according to
the Teutonic notes, it "applies the wildpitch-mix of house music to the same transcendence of a focused timescape"!].

Anyway, hear/download a - brief, by Necks' standards - 25-minute live workout of theirs from a couple of years ago here. Make the ~scape/Triosk connection with this new set from the excellent Roam the Hello Clouds splinter.

Listen to
The Boys I from The Boys OST.

Buy other albums from their site or Boomkat (only one, though...) or Amazon.


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