"An arbitrary succession of more or less irritating sounds"

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

"The granular synthetic maw of a machine-beast "

Nearly eight minutes of previously overlooked & quite gorgeous shimmering Canadian pulse-plink bliss: Carmine, part of Vancouver ambientronica-meister Loscil's Loscil's Rubies - itself part of Destroyer's Rubies...

By way of background: "...all that good stuff got thrown into the granular synthetic maw of a machine-beast called Loscil (Kranky Recordings Artist). Having played drums on Destroyer’s Rubies, as well as a bunch of other Destroyer records, under the guise of “Scott Morgan”, he was poised as the only candidate with the expertise and “insider” knowledge it would take to perform the surgery that would make this record proper and complete, and not just a pale shade of its former parts. That’s why throughout the deceptively mangled Loscil’s Rubies you will hear the sighs and whispers of what you think might be songs like Rubies and Painter In Your Pocket haunting your thoughts. That’s the sound of raw files cooing as they traverse into a world where chillin’ always wins out over (folk-) rockin’…"

Buy Loscil's exemplary albums here.

Video from a free album of Loscil drones, Stases:

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