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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Prolonged weekness

Highlights of these ears' listening from the past seven days...

Not sure these ears need the full 20 'ambient' tributes to Phil, but applauding Steve Flato for "exists in the vague place between Music For Airports and Music From The Disney Motion Picture 'Tarzan'"... 

...& always ready for gossamer Nicholas Burrage (formerly Szczepanik) loveliness


Further on NB, finally spending time with the unhurried richness of marbles.' vol. 1

"appropriation of mariah carey's '#1 to infinity'"


Headphones on, as guided, & quietly blissing out to Music For Sleep's A Careful Endlessly...

"Listening at low volume is highly recommended"

Celer is still releasing & these ears are still listening... 

...captivated by the gorgeous new I Wish You Could (Constellation Tatsu) - as natural & restful as breath

[part of Fall Batch w/Stephan Haluska, Rhucle & Ecovillage

Touching dedication to Brian Young too...

Also, applauding the line Cassettes...no longer just for dads & hipsters


Revisiting Bethan Kellough's glorious, grand Vision on Touch's unexpected new sub-label Sundry Items!

From Aven (2016)

Sundry Items also features Rafael Toral's Violence of Discovery & Calm of Acceptance

"crafted with extreme precision & care"

Resubmerging into Loscil's classic Submers - these ears aren't vinyl fetishists, but kranky's rerelease prompts first descent in a while into its depths...

"sourceless echoes, steely surfaces & ominous melodic & rhythmic undertows"

Gladly revisiting The Swifter (Andrea Belfi / BJ Nilsen / Simon James Phillips)'s magnificent Wall Sailor (Sonic Pieces)...

"like watching birds being set free from a cage to relish a newly won space for spreading their wings"

Not everyone approves of it, evidently - but still finding rewards in Max Loderbauer & Ricardo Villalobos's Re: ECM more than seven years in... 

"to harmonize these two worlds, without them aspiring to mutually deactivate each other"

Not sure I can get away with the word 'splendid', but this new Purlieu podcast for New New World Radio's 'Beauty Sleep' is...great

Featuring Jobanshi, Mt Accord, Knivtid & more... 

"Celebrating one year of sonic healing"

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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