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Sunday, 11 November 2018

More Weekness

Some of these ears' listening from the past seven days...

Missed this ravishing :zoviet*france: piece, It's Been a While, in August - struggling to make room for anything else now...

"Created from original recordings made on location under a bridge in Wester Ross, & in a hawthorn glade in north Northumberland"

Lulling, somnolent...Forest Management's heavy-eyed The Dreamer: from Remain - inaugural release on FM's enticing new CDr label, Afterhours


Revelling in the 'Ambient Bedroom Noise' of Ceramic Flowers' C - 1995 01...

From forthcoming per aspera ad astra (Vienna Press)

Pure & deep... 

Gareth Davis & Rutger Zuydervelt on wandelweiser: 

(20-minute 'snippet' from sileen II)



"The structure brims with materials that create a collage of associations & contrasts" 

Tremendous, wide-eared Provocations set by Chaperone "selected to interact with Rashid Johnson's work at ICAVCU (


Exhibit A: Sleep Well

From Little Notes (forthcoming on Fluid Audio)...

"an aquatic atmosphere, perhaps suggesting an ironic take on ‘orientalism’ - down to the river’s delta" 

Untitled by Nicola Ratti & Giuseppe Ielasi's Bellows

[inaugurates ooh-sounds' 'decouple ][ series'  

"metaphor for a world of surfaces"]

Predictably hot under the collar about KrysaliSound's remaster/reissue of øjeRum's The Forest Is Sleeping Within The Trees

"a sort of spiritual research...a deep combination of human desolation, devotion & fragility" 

[2015 original on Scissor Tail Editions]

"possessing time blurring & cranium clearing qualities that would wet the weepers" 

Withdrawn by Sean McCann

(h/t )

[from Fountains expanded reissue]

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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