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Friday, 9 November 2018

Past Weekness

Updating LMYE's 'My Weekness' series with a recent-ish October week of these ears' listening enthusiasms...

"coming back to music making & exploring other worlds" 

Finally picking up on this quite gorgeous, lulling Leonardo Rosado piece '180828 nocturnal 0.1' "after a long hiatus"...


"creaking, ancient structures, buzzing rainforests & gargling subaquatic worlds" 

Finding much riches in 'foraging collagist' Chris Ruffoni's St. Olave’s Granite Labyrinth... 


Spending time with Music For Sleep's gripping Migration...


Hanging head & ears in shame at missing Our Grey Lives' extraordinary Cacophonies until now...

"an all-new – generally abstract, at times abject, occasionally euphoric – sonic landscape, lacking the ‘face’ but bearing traces of the source" 

"considering every song-channel as an instrument of a larger whole the essence of the original album is distilled, through a maze of analogue & digital effects paths; smoke & mirrors nuclear fallout from the planned demolition, by detonation, of an erased antecedent" 

PS unearthed in MISC. DJs - THE STORY SO FAR mixtape: "Selected bangers – ambient & not so – from our first five releases, squished together by technology for home-listening/raving/educational kix. 100% miscellaneous" 

Starting the day with the romantic blurscape of Benoit Pioulard's Slow spark, soft spoke - now in an extended edition...


"percolating patterns of fiberglass synthetics & fluorescent melody, assembled into minimalist bio-domes of refracted light & hanging gardens": H. Takahashi's ravishing Escape

from Escapism (Not Not Fun)

Magnificent new Pascal Savy for AUDIO. VISUALS. ATMOSPHERE - stately, poised, haunting..

From Colour Fields tape:

"...hypnagogic frames balancing wind, wave & star. Symmetric pearl timbres..."

Some thrilling, fragile moments among the 'reinterpretations' of Antonymes' The Licence To Interpret Dreams.

Returning particularly often to Talvihorros' stabbing, swelling take on The Gospel Pass, Ian Hawgood's celestial Endlessly expansion & p jørgensen's hushing of Landscape Beyond An Open Window......


Radiant, instructive Hotel Neon mix for the 'this exquisite pain' series...

"dense, heavy, analog textures & decay"

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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