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Friday, 4 November 2011

Herds of fools

These ears have been twitching in anticipation ever since Vladislav Delay disclosed his first album for Raster-Noton in a recent interview with LMYE. The first excerpts from Vantaa seem to redeem all that expectancy - Narri ('fool' if your Suomi needs work...) in particular is a beautiful, beguiling piece in which a lop-sided rhythm, something like a wind-up toy starting to spasm, meshes with a shifting bed of ratchet, scrape & jangle to freight a moving, blurred theme. 

To name it our Track of the Day is the bathetic least we can do...

Blurb: "Even though complex electronic manipulations are used, Vantaa wants to sound like a piece of nature, resulting in a mixture of techno/dub and organic textures. The tracks oscillate between a decadent, greyish, post-industrial sound cloud and the intimate atmosphere of a vast and desolate Finnish landscape. Ripatti plays with tiny rhythmic bricks that drift and collapse, but nevertheless create spaces that radiate calmness and tranquility. Being an experienced producer, he uses his know-how to layer compact sound fabrics in unusual ways. In this case, these elements arouse associations with gushing water, crackling wood, or growing grass. The tracks on Vantaa merge into each other and their density escalates with „Lauma“ into an energetic climax, which is all at once the ecstatic, shamanic and truly moving peak of the album."

Vladislav Delay - Narri (excerpt)

Vladislav Delay - Narri (Excerpt)

Vladislav Delay - Lauma (excerpt)

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