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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Checkpoint Charlie

From the blurred, skittering brilliance of his 1997 collaboration with Jim O'Rourke & Nicholas Collins to his enlightening, radical remixes of both the relatively obvious (Ryuichi Sakamoto, Squarepusher, Takako Minekawa) & somewhat less so (Jimanica, Pizzicato 5) & on to current live-only workouts, these ears are once again revelling in the fecund hinterland & endless textural trickery of Markus Popp's Oval - triggered this time by his 11-track 'countdown' of web-only bonuses ahead of last Friday's release of retrospective flush-out (& multi-media extravaganza) OvalDNA... 

Liner notes (essay more like...). 

Popp, O'Rourke, Collins - Büromusic (cut)

"Short excerpt from a seriously cool live collaboration thing I did in 1997 with Jim O'Rourke (Guitar, Electronics) and Nicolas Collins (Trombone-driven Electronics). All three of us were located in a different office in the (then) newly built "business center" around Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie, remixing each other's soundfiles which were transported back and forth between the three offices on CD-Rs (!) - by bike messenger, no less. Those were the days... "

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Discord (Remixed By Oval)

Oval - Workaround

"One of the first tracks I did after completing "94Diskont."

Oval - Stueck (alternate version)

"Alternate version (read: less unnecessary distortion) of a track I contributed in 2000 to the "Elysian Fields" exhibition/CD-compilation and was supposed to serve as a quasi-soundtrack for films by Antek Walczak and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster exhibited at the Pompidou Center in Paris, France. This fairly rare compilation features Sonic Youth, Tortoise, The Sea & Cake, David Grubbs, Tom Verlaine, Jim O'Rourke etc and was released with the 400-page "Elysian Fields" catalog designed by Dutch group "Experimental Jet Set."

Jimanica - Over The Cherry (Oval Remix)

Oval - Driva (live in Vancouver 10-2011)

"Unreleased track from my current live set."

Oval - Flam

"This was included on the limited edition bonus 7-inch that came with the EU release of "Ovalprocess" out on ROUGH TRADE. Apparently, I haven't included this track on OvalDNA?!?!"
OvalDNA EU release countdown

Oval - OvalDNA Preview

Oval - OvalDNA Bonus Tracks Preview

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