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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Corporeal wilderness

Hot on the heels of his post-jazz quartet, more Vladislav Delay goodness - this time in the gloopy, lateral form of the nicely non-generic Latoma EP. A kind of meta dub techno, both the
swampy slurring original (eventually flogged along into something more kinetic) & the spacious, almost languidly round-the-houses Loderbauer/Villalobos remix seem to energise themselves - the Villo to the extent it can be arsed... - by toying with the genre's tropes. But the best of all may well be the pounding, shuddering lope of Korpi.

Photos by Emanuele Sason (top), Allert Aalders & Nicola / Fotonix (bottom).

More excerpts via Hardwax: Latoma / Korpi / Latoma (Villo Remix)

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