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Monday, 14 March 2011

Peculiar hiccups

Stephen Vitiello & Lawrence English: two greats from the LMYE pantheon for the price of one - The Christening of the Blackbird's slo-mo modular sear leaves these ears longing for time with the rest of the pair's new Acute Inbetweens (Cronica, out tomorrow), & anticipating a shoe-in for the albums that mattered most to us in 2011 come the year's end [2010].

The midnight mass of Vitiello's improvised MOSS grouping with Molly Berg, Olivia Block & Steve Roden (12k, out last week) might well have to be accommodated too - extract below, along with a really fine trio of recent-ish SVs...

Blurb: "Since their initial meeting in Australia during 2006, Stephen Vitiello (USA) and Lawrence English (AU) have enjoyed a long distance collaboration orbiting around the joint passion for field recordings and modular synthesis.

Exploring the points of convergence and divergence between electricity and environment, the duet's “Acute Inbetweens” is a collection of works derived from hazy environmental memory, imagined landscape and field recorded actualities. It's a blurring mist of encountered spaces, recreated by means voltage controlled.

Like the spatial inspiration that guides the record, “Acute Inbetweens” pace is tempered and during certain pieces borders on a sense of timelessness. Pieces such as “La Voix est absente” unfold with a pacing of the lauded opening Lotus flowers at Sinobazu-no-ike pond, individual elements revealing themselves in subtle arcs of sound, swelling into a rich harmonic whole. By contrast “Exposure in Relief” is a more robust and pulsing work in which micro melodies spiral into one another.

“Acute Inbetweens”, sharp moments diffused in time."

NB: photos by Stephen Vitiello & 12k.

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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