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Friday, 25 March 2011

Insulated space

Desire Path's dense, avowedly experimental work is clearly 'about' cutting a singular track, going off-piste, disowning the pre-ordained* - even if it's difficult to see that as always involving Bachelard's shortest distance between two points... Anyway, this new label's pretty impeccable licence** is on vivid display in a recent-ish mix (hosted by the great Type) featuring at least two pieces that demand end-of-year adulation & gongs.

*to the extent that you can generalise about a label with only one official release so far, plus a couple of forthcomings / **still generalising, obviously

These ears may not have heard anything deeper all year (&, yes, that includes Tim Hecker's wondrous Ravedeath...) than Janek Schaefer & Charlemagne Palestine's Raga de l’apres midi pour Aude: the edit included in the mix summons astounding power as swelling, throbby tones & the occasional bell mount to a not-quite crescendo encircled by Charlemagne's keening voice.

Meanwhile, Kyle Bobby Dunn's Dropping Sandwiches in Chester Lake (from the forthcoming Ways of Meaning) works with a more tranquil, reflective palette, but still stakes out its own deeply distinctive, reverential soundscape.

The mix also features LMYE favourites Ithaca Trio, Jannick Schou & Solo Andata, as well as others (like Christoph Berg's Field Rotation) demanding more listening...

Blurb: "Pieced together by works that evoke a sense of separateness, exploration, and distance, this 'travelogue' entitled "Away, Outside" features a couple works from upcoming releases for Desire Path Recordings as well as a number of pieces that embody this theme yet still exist within their own insulated space.

"The greater the distance, the clearer the view." - W.G. Sebald"

Kyle Bobby DunnDropping Sandwiches in Chester Lake (Start-3:45) DEMO -Taken from forthcoming album on Desire Path Recordings
AntonymesA Fragile Acceptance (3:45-10:10) Hidden Shoal
SkjolbrotRue Victor Masse to Gare d’Austerlitz (10:10-14:35) Self-Released
Janek Schaefer & Charlemagne PalestineRaga de l’apres midi pour Aude EDIT (14:35-22:35) DEMO Taken from forthcoming album on Desire Path Recordings
Solo AndataCarving (22:35-31:10) Taken from Ritual on Desire Path Recordings
Black Swan Movement 1 (31:10-37:27) Experimedia
Jannick Schou21.25 (37:27-40:51) Dead Pilot Records
Field RotationAcoustic Tale 3 (40:51-45:10) Fluid Audio
Ithaca TrioFor Ailing Health (45:10-End) Self-Released

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words. Clarification: The voice you're hearing on the Janek Schaefer & Charlemagne Palestine piece is actually that of Charlemagne Palestine.
Desire Path Recordings

JL said...

Michael, thanks for clarifying - have updated the post accordingly. Best, Julian / LMYE

PS Guess you've seen The Liminal's excellent KBD review (http://www.theliminal.co.uk/2011/03/kyle-bobby-dunn-ways-of-meaning/)?

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