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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Long way round

A 45-minute remix? Of a 7-minute original? Ithaca Trio take the long way round on their epic slo-mo "ambient post-rock generative" response to Glissando's
With a Kiss and a Tear (from With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards the Burning Sea, Gizeh) - while turning in a somehow glowing, wonderfully restrained take on worriedaboutsatan's delicately jazzy You're In My Thoughts (from Arrivals, also Gizeh).

You're In My Thoughts - worriedaboutsatan (Ithaca Trio Remix) by Ithaca Trio

'With a Kiss and a Tear' - Glissando (Ithaca Trio remix) by Ithaca Trio

Get Ithaca's fine Oxe EP here (free for an email address...).

Billowy gossamer gentleness from
the new Tesla Verses The Night:

Ithaca Trio-Untitled #10 by Under The Spire

Recent interview extract: "What's going on with the new album? A massive departure from the EP? What influenced the new recordings?

We’ve got a mini-album (Tesla Verses The Night) coming out on Under the Spire Recordings early next year, which I’m really, really excited about. They’ve got some brilliant artists over there (Jasper TX, p jørgensen, Damian Valles…), so I’m genuinely honoured Chris likes and is releasing this next project.

After that, I’m not really sure to be perfectly honest. We’ve just started recording a new full-length album this week, it's all up in the air currently. I think it’s going to be pretty different from anything I’ve tried before, but how different I don’t know yet. The first release was all slow manipulations of guitar. The second was acoustic-guitar based, and the mini-album is a really organic recording. The album is stepping out of the softness of a lot of the earlier works and getting a bit atonal. I think I’m listening to too much Animal Collective and Love Supreme-era Coltrane at the moment really."

Bonus: worriedaboutsatan have a crack at remixing Glissando too (plus the title track of Arrivals)...

White Silence And The Fragile Reality (worriedaboutsatan remix) by worriedaboutsatan

arrivals by worriedaboutsatan

worried freebies here & here.

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