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Friday, 9 October 2009

Amalgamated twit

By no means an original idea, but twitter is such a big part of LMYE these days that it seems worth recycling what we do there for non-'followers' (sorry, not our term...). Some recent mix tips:

Crisp & urgent mix of @unsound performers by bshosa = http://bit.ly/4wa24I. "Recorded in one take, with no editing" - UK gigs soon, please!

Appleblim's Harmonia/Eno refix & Walls' (@allez_allez + @banjoorfreakout) post-krautery in AA Amazing Sounds launch mix http://bit.ly/U5uUw Oh, & if Appleblim meets Eno's not enough, also features Suicide, DJ Koze & Mount Kimbie (& Walls)!

Deaf Center, Chauveau, LJ Kruzer, To Rococo Rot, Benge... RT @unchartedaudio Kone-R's "deep, dark mix" for The Circle: http://bit.ly/meNKT

Scott Grooves' own 'Keytroit' makes wonderful, throbby closer for @factmagazine's "elusive Detroit house maestro" mix: http://bit.ly/ZWHaL

@Keshhhhhh's subtle @poplarpenguin mix circles back to ISAN via Caretaker, Eno, Fennesz, English, Rabelais, Greiner: http://bit.ly/f2ilV (RT)

Indisputably tasty... RT @InvertedAudio Highly recommend Scuba's mix for mnml ssgs as SCB - his house/techno project http://bit.ly/10qiai

This 'christopher rau live in his bedroom' mix is also tasty: http://bit.ly/b2a0D

STP/Peverelist, ISAN/Martyn, DJ Koze, Peter Van Hoesen, The Mole... RT @unsound new podcast by The Bunker's DJ Spinoza = http://bit.ly/CKg7T

The "loud, intense & riotously entertaining" sound of Melvin Oliphant III... RT @factmagazine - DJ Traxx mix (FACT 88) = http://bit.ly/IqaiW

Persuasive about Saki, @chrisjohnpower's new 'Wow + Flutter' British Males mix looks quite persuasive too: http://bit.ly/lNGFx

"Say Hey" - checking out @siart/Leo Zero's Ze 30 mix http://bit.ly/2qe5q8

Sesame St, Indeep & BOC... RT Boards of Canada mix joins the @ninjamixdump Choice Cuts sound gallery @percussionlab = http://bit.ly/17Ug4n

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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