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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

"This Awareness asks"

At 6pm tonight I'd never heard of Ethernet: by eight his sublime Kansai was very possibly my favourite new track this year. Its fuzzy spaciousness, its artful shards of noise, its intensely textured depths & its confidence to throw the occasional prettily echoey bone all testify to a very rich, uncowed take on the Basic Channel/Chain Reaction heritage - & leave me hungry for 144 Pulsations of Light (out on Kranky in October, apparently).

Ethernet: "Based on my research and experience in using sound for induction of meditative states, I set out to apply trance-inducing sonic effects to drone-ambient music. I recontextualized the deep bass kick sound used in techno dance music as a subdued hypnotic pulse to accentuate the textures. An unprocessed analog Roland TR-808 was used for this pulse, as well as binaural beats and spatial effects processing to create music to facilitate deep meditation. I blended layers of synthesized textures with organic field recordings made in Central Japan in '00-'01, and Northern California between '03-'08. The intent of the album is to produce an introspective sonic environment conducive to self-healing work and voyaging into new states of awareness."

Kranky: "While Tim's description may read as somewhat dry and technical, the sonic landscapes that he composes are anything but. He sculpts textural washes of sound to create immersive, constantly shifting aural psychedelic environments. Hazy, gaseous atmospheres that are alternately arid and humid float above, in and around the muffled pulses used as rhythms. The experience is not unlike that of landing on an alien planet, stepping out of a spaceship, and surveying new terrain."

Ethernet > Kansai (from 144 Pulsations of Light, Kranky) > Whistleblowers/Orgonite [Flow Dub] (from Orgonite EP, Bump Foot)

Archive (including 'sound healing meditations', mixes as DJ Tanuki & music as Oneironaut) here.

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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