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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Distiller's macho

After the refreshing physicality of the Moritz von Oswald Trio's Vertical Ascent - thrillingly flogged along by his threshing drums - Vladislav Delay's next is that fine album's inverse, despite being another trio piece. Indeed, the wispy, barely there Tummaa is so reduced, so austere that it can feel like a sketch or a blueprint of itself.

There's a bravado in that, of course - a sort of distiller's macho. In which case, to use a word not readily associated with Delay (though it was disconcerting recently to come across his own description of his early motivation as "I just wanted to kick ass as much as I could"), he's just made the butchest album of his brilliant career...

Vladislav Delay > Melankolia (edit from Tumaa, forthcoming on Leaf)

Earlier Delay coverage here. Substantial interviews by the milkfactory (plus eleventh volume/hard format) & Tokafi here & here.

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