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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Never before, never again

Having frothed up more hyperbole here about The Bays than any other artist, arguably (this & this, for example), LMYE was fairly invested in their recent classical collaborations. Happily, despite the vast scope for it to degenerate into toss with strings, adding most of an orchestra to the live-improvisation, 'music at the moment of its creation' project only cranked its bravado & wonder even higher.

The combined band isn't as nimble as the quartet, of course. But with a pair of string & wind composers writing a stream of fresh music that gets sent instantly to the classical players' screens (Wagamama, please try to keep up...) in a real-time response to The Bays' bleeps & beats & a brilliantly nonchalant conductor holding it all together, the juggernaut somehow pulls it off.

Proof? Try a storming extract from this event, which featured both the Heritage Orchestra & Norway's BIT20 Ensemble, as well as grand-standing pianist Neil Cowley: Integra 2008 (LMYE hack) [longer, lower-res version here; full performance here].

Video of the first Bays classical mash-up:

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