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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Posten Norge

Having so far failed to get anything together on Monday night's solo Jarrett 'stravaganza (excellent reviews here [with LMYE tagging along] & here [without], though...) & having missed out on Punkt UK, infuriatingly, a diversion into Norwegian post-jazz. 

Kornstad's Tempelhof is an oddly guilty pleasure - a trancey, horn-adorned rifforama given away to fuel his Single Engine of last year. 

Kornstad is also in the sometimes excellent Wibutee. Here's a nicely brisk & blobby remix of their Playmachine by the, er, sometimes excellent Scanner - his version of Tempelhof would be worth hearing...

Saving the best for last - & getting some Punkt in through the back door - Jan Bang & DJ Strangefruit (last featured here in the company of Nils Petter Molvaer) trip out with the loveable Bugge Wesseltoft for 10th anniversary live antics: Belleville Session

& Bugge explores his soulful side, anchored by Sidsel Endresen & NPM: River

Lots more live Bugge & co-conspirators here, by the way. 

Now, about that Arve Henriksen album on ECM...

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