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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Music at the moment of its creation

"You're hearing music at the moment of its creation."

Embarrassing admissions of pomposity dept: though it's been a while & I try to keep the impulse in check, I've been known to claim that The Bays are 'the most important band in the world'.

Why? Notwithstanding the absurd grandiosity, there's good reasons. They're doing something fairly unique, live improvised electronica, with huge integrity: they only play live, they never rehearse, they never play the same song twice (though over the years the odd sample has cropped up again from time to time), & they don't release records & have no product to sell ('Performance is the Product') - giving their music away via the internet instead.

Sounds precious & a bit pretentious? On the contrary. It probably helps dispel that notion that their rich, spacey instrumentals are underpinned by the most relentlessly physical drum & bass.

The Bays are also constant, self-challenging collaborators - with everyone from Herbie Hancock to Richard Barbieri to Medeski Martin & Wood to gifted amateurs to drum 'n' bass dons to, most recently & amazingly, the Heritage Orchestra.

Unlike many Bay fans, I suspect, I like them best in their slow & moody mode. Here's a fine example from a 2005 set & here's another from 2003 (here & here in higher quality via zShare). & here's an inspirational manifesto (stay with it past the first minute of credits...).

Anyway, things have been quite in Bayville lately. But tonight they unveiled a new first - a compilation of inspired moments, spliced together by Bay Simon Palmskin. It's here for download or listening.

If you appreciate it & the rest of their music, consider donating via BayPal :-)

Bays goods: MySpace/Wiki/Discogs/inspirational 2002 Peel session/BBC interview (with tracks)/British Council profile (with more tracks)/admirer mix (page down)...

NB: photos by honorary Bay Tom Oldham.

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