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Monday, 29 September 2008

Teutonic deprivation

Having had to miss out on the tasty Teutonic treat of Hauschka & Mapstation a couple of weeks back, here's some offcuts from this duo's very considered decompositions. The stately shimmer of Red Pencil, which I'm guessing involved both of them, is particularly satisfying.  

Hauschka - Red Pencil (from sessions for Substantial, Karaoke Kalk) [hauschka.de giveaway]

Hauschka - Lipstick Race (from sessions for Room to Expand, Fat Cat) [hauschka.de giveaway]

Mapstation - Tapes [mapstation.de giveaway]

Earlier Mapstation post here, & other bits on Kuchen/September Collective/To Rococo Rot/Paul Wirkus across LMYE...

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