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Saturday, 27 September 2008

"Nobody knows what to save"

To these ears, there's almost no excuse for a flute, ever. But here's one: Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson's majestic, mournful & utterly relevant lament for hyper-inflationary post-Nixon America - Winter in America

Perversely enough, it's not from the pair's the eponymous 1973 album - but rather the subsequent First Minute of a New Day; & also available on various Gil compilations (many of them featuring the redoubtable jazz poet in alarming 80s leisurewear in a clumsy & not very successful attempt to boost sales) - try this one or, for dowloads, this

Bonus track: LMYE's by now brazen & increasingly desperate bid to get some attention for this awesome splicing of fairly minimal techno pulses & swirls with soaring Obama rhetoric: We Cannot Turn Back - a LMYE-curated extract from Francois K Minitek

Apologies for the somewhat abrupt ending (& for bombarding subscribers with this track, wonderful though it really is...). 

1 comment:

gaston monescu said...

woah! great to see this on thehypemachine. this album kills me

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