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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Something for September (re-up)

If three German lap-toppers improvising together sounds like your idea of an inner circle of Dante's Inferno, think again. There may be chin-stroking, there may be over-earnest philosophising in the background & there may be a very dodgy title. But September Collective's All the Birds Were Anarchists on mosz is a delight - pretty but not cute, alive with ideas & noises, rich in mood & clicky, shuffling texture.

Try the lovely Das Meer.

Good review by eMusic here, by the way...

NB: re-up from LMYE's pre-Hype era, now seasoned under our 'nothing under 1 year old' posting policy & equipped with new links.

1 comment:

SCQ said...

That's a killer album, not to mention perfect listening for this end of summer/early fall season. Hence the name, I suppose.

Let's hope September Collective come back with something new next year.

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