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Saturday, 31 May 2008

"To sulk upon my mother's breast"

So Infantjoy is over, in a MySpaced squabble ("due to the continued and mysterious absense of one half of infantjoy (Paul Morley) it is with regret that infantjoy has become but the ghost of infantjoy.").

Ho hum. Had been quite looking forward to the third part of the 'kind of trilogy' ("Half way through the making of With, about half way through 2006, about half way through June, about half way through a Wednesday, half way through the afternoon, it occurred to us as Infantjoy that there was every likelihood that With was becoming the second part in a kind of trilogy dedicated to the memory and illusion of Erik Satie, and the subsequent gentle removal of Erik Satie.")...

A reminder: Application #4 (from the Isan & others-enhanced With).

Good Morley piece on Eno, selling out, blogging & Infantjoy here. & an amiable interview here. Blake songs here & here.

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