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Friday, 27 April 2012

Captured winds

"An edit from Ridgelines, forthcoming on Aeolian Editions" - on these bare bones Richard Skelton signals the latest, enticingly outlying instalment in his Landings project of reflections on landscape & memory. Drones have always formed part of his distinctive, keening sound, but never so centrally as in the rumbling yet floating Cappanawalla - named for the Atlantic-facing western Irish mountain

Surely the least acoustic Skelton these ears have encountered, the piece is a fascinating departure. In its airy, soaring way, seemingly very Aeolian...  

Ridgelines is also a small chapbook published last month Skelton's Corbel Stone Press. It comprises "two text works, one for Black Combe, Cumbria, and one for Cappanawalla, County Clare"

Black Combe in its turn is a Skelton release too, in his classic quavering, aching mode (originally on the *SKURA complete works; stream in full below) - though not part of the Landings album trio (some pieces from which also below), trainspotters please note... 

Cappanawalla by Richard Skelton

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