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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Swan vs gull

Delicious new Oneohtrix Point Never again paired with other Daniel Lopatin output - after FRKWYS last time out, his rich body of collaborations, remixes, live takes & offcuts (almost all downloadable, by the way). & while his self-made video for the new release's haunting title track puts a kind of self-mocking emphasis on neo-kosmische's cartoonish side (drawing on the "saddest version of the most violen soviet cartoon ever", according to one YouTube commenter) - oddly, in a way, since Replica is an affecting, sober meditation - another film technique stands out from his off-piste collection. 

The drama & impact of Lopatin's jump-cutting is most obvious on remixes like those for Antony & the Johnsons' Swanlight (a connection immortalised in last year's majestic take on Returnal, of course) & FRKWYS fellow traveller Laurel Halo's Metal Confection. But it also illuminates live performances (this London 'outro', for example, or this college radio work-out) & experiments such as The Martinellis Bring Home a Desire System...

Not that all is jump-cut. Streams below end with a trio of more trademark arpeggiated bliss-outs. As often with OPN/Lopatin, these - a Harold Grosskopf remake, an Emeralds collab &, especially, a "free looping" piece for radio - generate an unexpected emotional heft....

ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS - SWANLIGHTS (remix) by Oneohtrix Point Never

Swanlights by Antony and the Johnsons

LAUREL HALO - METAL CONFECTION (remix) by Oneohtrix Point Never

SEAGULLS OUTTAKE (GROSVENOR, LONDON March 18th, 2010) by Oneohtrix Point Never

RARE FREQUENCY LIVE JAM (WZBC July 23rd, 2009) by Oneohtrix Point Never


Masqves at Paris London New York West Nile (5/14/09)

TRAUMA 2010 by Oneohtrix Point Never
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