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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sometimes is orange

The grand intensities of Nicholas Szczepanik's symphonic drones seem to demand an equally grand critical response. This is about as far from that as imaginable - but his roaring, brink-of-unravelling epic Years Compressed into Minutes Without Any Concept of Self - a "track I recorded in 2010 for an as-of-yet to be released compilation on Experimedia" - is too arresting, too masterful & too ravishing not to at least acknowledge as a Track of the Day. 

Hear below the piece's stealthy accumulation (guitar jet trails on celestial hum on doomy tones...) to its vast, crashing but still shaped peak. 

Much more at Szczepanik's SoundCloud... 

Some really fine coverage at Mountain7 (also here) & The Liminal, by the way. 

Years Compressed into Minutes Without Any Concept of Self by Nicholas Szczepanik

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