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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Protein den

C30, C60, C90, Go! Well, sort of, since Matthew Sullivan's Ekhein (SoundCloud) has yet to exceed 60 minutes on what is now more than a half-century of cassette releases
- & has brought them in as short as 12, despite seeming to traffic mainly in billowing, meditative long-form drones & other excursions.

The label releases Sullivan's own output (Earn, Privy Seals) & that of both some of his countless collaborations (1958-2009, Necklacing, Genius Females, Protein Den) & a cohort of luminaries (Keith Fullerton Whitman, Sean McCann, Greg Davis, Rene Hell).

Below stream extracts from & Experimedia previews of the label's five most recent tapes - KFW at his most delicately affecting, in a kind of soundtrack to a long-surpassed idea of space travel; two batches of Earn's gossamer romance (one live, dating back a couple of years, the other just posted tonight...), plus McCann's rich, dense 'orchestral miniatures', & Davis's austere warmth.

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