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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Fine to coarse

Pollen Trio marks a rewarding point of collision or, er, cross-pollination between two Australian lineages that LMYE (this half, anyway...) is deeply invested in - the extraordinary post-jazz trio tradition of The Necks, Triosk & 3ofmillions meeting the broader experimental church of Shoeb Ahmad's hellosQuare (our neglected label of 2010) & Ahmad/Evan Dorrian (PT)'s Spartak.

PT metamorphosed out of the Austin Benjamin Trio a while back - a transition covered in this Fluid Radio interview. Quiet for nearly two years, the trio returns in a knottier, more overtly experimental guise on the newly self-released p e a k s (full stream below) - a 13-minute epic that rattles & tinkles its loping way to a sudden intense summoning of classical PT lyricism, niftily offset by filthy synth squirts & Dorian's percussive monsoon. "We like the idea of it possesing these conflicting momentums as if alva noto, morton feldman and madvillain were being recorded improvising in soundproof rooms filtered into a PA outside," pianist Austin Buckett says.

The shift is underlined by Miroslav Bukovsky coming in for the travelling Chris Pound - an angklung an unexpected part of his armoury.

The new piece precedes an album later this year. If that can harness Peaks' distinctiveness & invention, expect to see it in LMYE's Festive 50 (the 50 releases that meant most to us during the year) for 2011 - last year's version, including several blinding hellosQuare releases, here.

Hear earlier PT/ABT highlights (including a ravishing collaboration with Seaworthy's Cam Webb), plus some great solo Buckett/Dorrian:

NB: p e a k s cover art by Elena Papanikolakis.

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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