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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Proud of Stroud

Stephan Mathieu & TSU (Robert Curgenven & Joerg Maria Zeger) bring searching, rich sonic explorations to the improbable setting of Stroud on Friday week. Courtesy of SVA, a corner of Gloucestershire more associated with Blurt & Pendragon will be hosting one of the year's must-hears - Mathieu wielding an 1896 zither to deliver his towering Music for Columbia Phonoharp ("a dedication to the gospel preacher Washington Phillips"), TSU constructing daunting new slabs of austere beauty & no doubt deconstructing them on the spot.

Hope to see you there...

Below hear much recent Mathieu & the first TSU recording (from Curgenven's immense Oltre). Also hear Curgenven's extraordinary, every which way Glenn Miller to Tim Hecker mix for Serein, Leaving Solaris (Manufacturing Nostalgia).

Mix note: "...not just the physical journey across the cinematic planet, away from its nostalgic mirages of the past and back into Space - which is at once from where we came and also the new way forward - it is also the psychological passage which marks the release which is both to leave and to create the departure. In this process, much as with the manufacturing of nostalgia, we have the beginnings of not just an escape from ourselves, but a modern era epic which trawls the cinematic histories of the 20th century; where through rose-tinged lenses, the crackle, the wash of decay and the textured fading of its print can present us with a new Present encased in the old and incapable of harming us for fear of dispelling its own apparition."

Discogs: SM / RC / JMZ

Spotify: SM / RC

NB: photo above by Ary Kaplan Nakamura for Panoramica.

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