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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Candlewax oligarch

Whatever else it is - a mesmerising piece of pulsating, shimmering live 'playthrough', most obviously - the Keith Fullerton Whitman work in progress 2011. is (unsurprisingly) no loping dubsteppery. Boggling at its SoundCloud tag, the literal-minded still await a take on the genre from KFW - who after all has some kind of dance music form in his Hrvatski guise (though not lately, admittedly - they may be waiting some time).

Anyway, recorded 'live to "glass"' - whatever that means - just this Monday (perhaps the second half of the title is the time it was taped?), the piece provides some kind of self-riposte to his striking recent comment that "now that it [generator] has run its course, i've yet to come up with a "next step" that doesn't tread over the same old ground; i'm uncomfortable with the endless recycling of materials that i suppose make up a "career" in music ... at least enough to shy away from performance opportunities that don't offer something new and/or truly sympathetic to the spirit of furthering things."

Context: "generator is over ; it was exactly a year in the doing, during which i learned a ton about approaches to live electronic music that don't essentially involve lying to your audience; an experiment which helped clear the air & lent much to my own mental stability..."

Note also that this year should bring "an lp for the "no" label covering the final two "generator" performances (i.e. my solo sets at high zero 2010 & the "propensity of sound" festivals, taking place exactly one day apart & offering two completely separate variations of the piece that i consider the definitive versions)."

"... here's a little video documenting a series of recordings I've been carrying out in the home studio (aka Much Wenlock) utilizing electric guitar & a few different configurations of guitar pedals (here the chain goes :: Fairfield FourEyes -> Moog Ring Modulator -> Visual Sound Visual Volume -> Strymon El Capistan -> Boomerang III -> Strymon BlueSky, with expression pedals controlling the FourEyes SVF frequency, the Ring Mod's carrier frequency, and the El Capistan's delay time) ...

this comes pretty close to what I've been going for :: a muted, aleatoric musique concrète approach to "live" guitar music, with little in the way of traditional "guitarisms" ... to me it sounds like something that would have been broadcast on the RAI in 1956 ..."

While we're here...

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