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Saturday, 5 February 2011

There is Nothing Like a Dane

Kiloton - Language Lost (Side B) from Urlyd Audiovisual Recordings on Vimeo.

This from Kiloton's Language Lost DVD via Urlyd - a bunch of Danes spurning Geld to give away quality electronic music and video. The ideology of the label, we're told, "is to embrace net culture and enthusiastic music lovers’ impulse to share with each other." And we aren't about to look a gratis Dane in the mouth...

Kiloton is, it emerges after a sneaky search, Mads Weitling, a name ambient-industrial-drone heads might know as one half (with Danny Kreutzfeldt) of Rumforskning, a somewhat heavier proposition than Kiloton, as the relevant bit of this Gears of Sand label profile indicates (see para. 5).
In Language Lost Kiloton offers something with a melodic consonant character, but unfluffy, with that chilly Nordic thing reviewers of anything Scandinavian have to stereotypically mention (oh, sh.. oops!). To be fair, the label itself plays the Nordic card, their description speaking of "an abstract, wordless and dark dreamy album that carries a distinct nordic tone. Characterized by sharp, abrupt rhythms under deep, smouldering and crackling dubscapes, Kiloton has developed an almost cinematic sound that leads its listener through changing moods; beatiful and sincere as well as melancholic and thoughtful." Dunno about 'sincere', but I can dig 'beatiful' (sic.)

Kiloton - Mille Tendresses by Urlyd Recordings

Kiloton - The Third Kind by Urlyd Recordings

Kiloton - Recovery Capsule by Urlyd Recordings

Kiloton - Language Lost (Side A) from Urlyd Audiovisual Recordings on Vimeo.

The album/tracks are also available for free download from the label’s site.

Danish music mag Gaffa awards the album 4 out of 6 stars and the Danish blog Undertoner makes comparisons to work of, among others, John Cage, Fennesz and Paavoharju in their review. Dutch site, DJ Broadcast, gives it 4/5. Thanks to the intervention of the reliably random babelfish, we have a clear understanding of what the review had to say:

“After well receive album of Tone, on which introverted popsongs in an electronic jacket stood Kilotons debut album especially fodder for ambientfreaks are. Langerekte, harmonious and slowly sliding drones between which float shreds of short golf-ruis and ijle melodies. As if you float solo in rusty Sputnik above the pole circle and from time to time picks up radio indicators of the ground. Mads Weitling worked two years for Language discharge and that can hear you. To be compositions seems fragile and delicate, but with much care has been constructed. Which nevertheless draw the change purse and it (limited) decides vinyl to buy, dvd get with splendid work of Danish and German video artists. In this case good deal.”

LMYE can but concur.

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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