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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Nice work

Exemplary clangfest from new Warpsters Nice Nice (MySpace) - an urgent chant flogged along by a nicely noisy brew of skittering toms, squelchy electronica & something that sounds suspiciously like a penny whistle, underpinned all the while by a big booming bass drum...

Blurb: "We really wanted to capture/reflect what we do live. We focused on trying to convey elements that we think have generally characterized our live show: high energy explosiveness, bright colorful textures, lots of rhythm, large dynamic movement, willingness to explore new directions," says Jason Buehler, one half of Nice Nice.

"A big part of what makes our live show engaging is the “freakshow” factor of watching us build the loops live and interact on top, hopefully the intensity of the recorded music compensates for that. We hope people will hear the record and think "that was a trip, I want to experience that live" - and we hope that it will blow a few minds."

Nice Nice > Ark Drum (from One Hit, Warp - & perhaps the forthcoming [April 2010] Extra Wow album too...)

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