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Friday, 4 January 2008

Scratching the surface

So far I've only scratched the surface of Tarentel, Temporary Residence label-mates to The Drift (see yesterday's post for their excellent & hefty [19MB...] Invisible Cities). The two also share founder Danny Grody.

Anyway, the first track from Tarentel's 2005 Home Ruckus LP, #1, is a great piece of atmospheric bass clarinet melancholy & squawk.

Home Ruckus is a series of releases. The second came out last year.

Check out studio & live goodies from one of their apparently two home pages (the other has good interviews, reviews & discography for the completists among us :-).

Also, their page on the Temporary Residence site (scroll down til you see the name, then follow the link).

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