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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Playing Santa

Various cool European labels have been playing Santa & giving away interesting freebies this festive season.

As ever, the most generous have been Denmark's Rumraket - run by the charming Efterklang (subject of past blogs on LMYE: search via the label on the left) - who gifted the world a remix of Cutting Ice to Snow, the final track on what is now last year's Parades album (buy here or here). The new version really plays up the song's yearning, choral side.

Remixer was Ireland's Hulk (no, I'd not heard of him, but taste-makers as different as Efterklang & The Wire both give a big thumbs up, so we'll be checking out his stuff forthwith...).

Rumraket are also giving away an entire 4-track EP by US ambient folksters Canon Blue here. They're new to me too.

The first track veered off too poppily for my gloomier tastes, but I'll be unzipping the rest to check it out anyway...

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