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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Wade Paddle Row Float

Yet another party that these ears are late to, granted - but Jeremy Young's The Chants Beneath 'project' ("There is no album, or record, and no distribution, this collection exists only here") is so rich & so replete with members of the LMYE pantheon that recognition is due all the same. 

The idea: "create 125 unique artist edition double-sided loop pieces towards developing sustainable audience engagement with the sonic arts, housing all the loops online in a freely streamable living archive and commissioning over 120 sound artists to create new work using each singular piece."

Fair enough, not least when the artists in question include (alphabetically, not in archival running order...) Astral Social Club, Jimmy Billingham, John Chantler, Chris Herbert, Giuseppi Ielasi, Julia Kent, Machinefabriek, Josh Mason, Daniel Menche, My Cat Is An Alien, Orphax, Stefano Pilia, pinkcourtesyphone, Nils Quak, Janek Schaefer, Mike Shiflet, thisquietarmy & Simon Whetham

The result: a glorious, defiantly non-commercial "living archive of cassette tape loops" based on 125 pairs of 7-second loops from Young's ravishing original chants beneath the bed of the furnace brook ("a descriptive reflection of movement and stillness"). 

Highlights are headed by Orphax's insistent, beautifully balanced 'remix'. Less than five minutes, it seems to embody the idea of a loop as something without beginning or end that could play on, satisfyingly, forever...

MCIAA's celestial/skittering/naif/bass smear brew also jumps out, along with compatriot Stefano Pilia's on-the-brink-of-collapsing workoutJanek Schaefer's equally intense Golden Gatesa hovering, gauzy take by Chris Herbert & Julia Kent's glowing gloop-meets-bow Round, Reversed   

Other compelling contributions include the unfurling, tendril-like Together at Wimshurst by Drew BarnettNils Quak's soothing, contemplative The Crying of Lot 32 & pcp's subtle, shaped Tape Chanting As We Speak

Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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