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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Cavern spelunking

Carine Masutti was once Temporary Item.s (as celebrated here & especially here a while back), but has lately found greater permanence as herself. A limited edition treat from earlier this year (77 tapes for the world...), her Of the Glowing Mud cassette on Barge now has a companion EP - Of the Glowing Mud II, suitably if prosaically - to house remaining pieces from the original exhibition. 

Immersion in the full mud bath is recommended. These 11 pieces affirm while darkly extending Masutti's distinctive, lop-sided sound - its lurching playfulness, its idiosyncratic, percussive textures, its femininity (perhaps that last is just the power of suggestion, though it'd be a stretch to describe very much of either Mud as macho). 

The unexpected meshing of the alien & the organic, as Barge's blurb (below) brilliantly puts it, is striking. While those spelunked caverns seem like the aptest setting for many of these dank reverberations...

Blurb: "Often sounding alien and organic within the same track, “Of the Glowing Mud” is an expansive mixture of eerie heaviness and delicate sonic architecture. Visions of glacial ice melting, spider webs being spun, electricity spreading across a grid or cavern spelunking reveal themselves over the two sides of chrome tape. 

Carine says that cats' ears will especially appreciate certain tracks on the album."

All tracks mastered by the great Denis Blackham, btw - in what must have been one of his last assignments before 'semi-retirement'. No surprise that he brings much glow & no mud...

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