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Monday, 2 December 2013

Sound, gravity, water

Pro skater, experimental musician, & what next? A CV as varied as
Duane Pitre's gives grounds to anticipate equally radical future shifts...so I confidently expect the man's first nanotechnology breakthrough or Bolivian cookbook in due course.  

In the meantime, though, his music stands out as some of 2013's most dazzling & notable (as it has been for some years, of course...). Both his keening, East-West colliding Bridges & the extraordinarily restrained, profoundly other-worldly PITRELEH (a collaboration with, you guessed it, ELEH that I struggle not to call spiritual & that summons a rare & deep musical language) will be seen here & surely elsewhere as obvious highlights of this year's listening. 

Below also hear a bracing, thrilling new piece (performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit in June or thereabouts). Glib as it probably is to claim it seems informed by both of the recent releases, despite being significantly more abrasive than either, I'll say it anyway...

The suggestion somewhere that this is Pitre's likely next direction has to be worth a whoop or two, no? 

In other news: a worthwhile Village Voice interview (& an in full version) from a couple of months back, with a welcome reminder of that Cory Allen collaboration previously mentioned in dispatches...

pitreleh (eleh & duane pitre) - self titled (album preview)

IMPREC Podcast#5: Autumn Releases 2013 [features PITRELEH -Vibration: Sine Pools (excerpt) at 24:34 & Duane Pitre - Feel Free Live at Cafe OTO (excerpt) at 41:37]

Imprec Podcast#4: Summer Releases 2013 [features 3 Questions with Duane Pitre at 18:12, Duane PitreBridges: Earth/Ember/Serpent (excerpt) at 25:45 & PITRELEH Side A (excerpt) at 1:01:31, plus background excerpts from Duane Pitre - Feel Free Live at Cafe OTO]

duane pitre - bridges (album preview)

Bridges (album excerpt) by Duane Pitre

Bridges: Cup/Aether/Crane (excerpt)

Monolithic Youth (excerpt) by Duane Pitre

Music For Microtonal Guitar And Mallets by Duane Pitre

NB: Duane Pitre photo by Dorka Hegedus. Important: LMYE only makes music available that artists/labels have chosen to share freely. Let us know if something here shouldn't be.

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